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If you are a Sole Trader in financial difficulty, we may be able to help.

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As a Limited Company you have limited liability but we may still be able to help.

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Every Business goes through periods of financial difficulty. Our aim is to help you get through them

From time to time a business may experience financial difficulties and set backs. This could be due to economic climate, market change, cashflow problems, competition, increased costs, contract disputes and more.

Providing Insolvency services to the UK and Northern Ireland, we are one of the leading debt help companies in the UK. We pride ourselves on offering suitable debt solutions that can help you through the difficulties you and your business are facing.

We could help if you or your Business has debt problems. Get in touch - 0800 0436 999

For over 80 years we have been helping businesses overcome their debt problems with debt advice and insolvency solutions tailored to suit the needs of each individual business. We specialise in offering solutions to Self Employed individuals.

Whether you are a Sole Trader, a small/large Limited Company or in a Partnership ; if you are struggling with debt, we may be able to help you.

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Business Debt Advice providing debt solutions for businesses

If you get into financial difficulties, whether in your business or personal life, you need practical advice and solutions which are constructive and achievable .We can quickly analyse your situation, assess the options and help you reach the right solution.

If you are not insolvent or if we cannot assist you in gaining control over your personal or commercial financial situation with an Insolvency solution, we will point you in the right direction of a provider that can help.

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Case Example

Sole Trader – 2 Public Houses

Total Debt: 182,400 (including 89,500 to HMRC)

Solution opted for after consultation: IVA

Payments: 54,300 for 60 months

Total paid towards IVA (including fees): 23,400

Causes of debt: Use of credit facilities to grow business. Loss of trade due to recession.


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Business Debt Advice is owned by McCambridge Duffy who are one of the leading Insolvency firms in the UK and have been in the financial industry since 1932. McCambridge Duffy solely provide IVAs and other Insolvency solutions.

On our site you will find information on debt solutions, both formal and informal. We provide this information so you have a clear overview of the options available for dealing with your debts. We do not offer informal debt solutions, so if an insolvency solution is not your recommended course of action, with your permission, we will refer you to an appropriate agency/provider that can assist you further.